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- Volunteer Day 23rd June


On Sunday 23rd June twenty-four BHAS volunteers attended the third volunteer session at Bell's Hill Allotment site. Many of the vounteers had attended previous days and sessions - it is something the committee and Trustees are proud of at site that we are working on a Project that is for the benefit of the wider BHAS community and so well supported by plotholders - thank you so much for all of the contributing hours and hard work.


It was a rather warm day that the team set to work on the final stages of the BHAS Accessibility Project. The team worked on digging out the seating area behind the hut - this area will be for both plotholders and the SENSE team, allowing for wheelchair access. Once dug out, crushed aggregate was laid. The team also worked on laying the patio area by the doors to the rear of the Hut. The (excessively!) large slabs and drainage were laid under the expert eye of Mark. The refreshments break could not come soon enough....Hazel and Eillen being the perfect hosts! 


The volunteer sessions always provide a true sense of the BHAS community, with plenty of chat during the break, especially regarding the difficult growing season we are experiencing. As always on volunteer days jobs were found for all abilities with other works around the site being undertaken....Billy took his lawn-mower for a "walk" around the site!....all of these efforts contribute to the site upkeep.


The final elements to be completed are the laying of the patio and the path "topping". These works will be completed over the next week or so during evening sessions. Support always welcome! Ultimately we aim to build two brick barbeques and a pergula by the seating area, with raised flower beds as a backdrop. All to create a welcoming and accessible area for the SENSE team, the Eleanor Plamer Trust team and BHAS plotholders.


Accessibility Project update


Plot One - Over the last 18 months the Access Project has seen the Eleanor Palmer Trust welcomed to the site, and the development of the associated facilities on Plot One. This has included all of the garden works in preparation of the plot including the unsightly removal of dumped waste. The EPT summerhouse, greenhouse, seating area, raised beds and meshed pathways on Plot One were all part of the project, with elements of the works contributed to by BHAS volunteer sessions


BHAS Trading Hut - Additionally, the BHAS Hut has been renovated, with works including a new kitchen area, painting and decoration, removal of stores and equipment to a secure security shed all creating a welcoming environment for plot holders to gather for tea and coffee. To the rear of the Hut external doors were installed. These doors facilitate access to the rear seating area and allow the SENSE team easy entrance to the Hut. And last year, the ladies toilet was reconfigured to a more accessible toilet for those less mobile - including walker frames and wheelchair uses. 


As part of the BHAS Accessibility Project, the recent works on the SENSE access paths has completed a link path from the car park to the SENSE plot, a path from the plot to the toilet facilities and paths to a seating area. All created to ensure wheelchairs and assisted walking get about the plot and have a place to sit - both inside and outside.


Together, we are not just preserving Bells Hill Allotment for future generations, we are building opportunity and a legacy of communal wellbeing. As we move forward, our focus will shift to attracting other forward thinking Trusts or charity groups who share our vision for a healthier, vibrant society for those less able or advantaged.


This is a journey towards not only energizing our allotment site but championing the spirit of BHAS plot holders for the greater good of the community. The BHAS committee has been dedicated to making this vision a reality, ensuring the benefits of the Accessibility Project will be enjoyed by both current and future generations of Barnet.


The Committee are exceptionally proud of the efforts of BHAS membership over the last 18 months to deliver the phases of the Accessibility Project, completing works with several hundred BHAS volunteer hours, external funding, BHAS fund raising events and BHAS membership contribution. The Committee felt the aims of the Project are worthy and a beacon of how allotments, leisure and communal wellbeing are valued in Barnet.

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