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Fires are permited at certain times throughout the year.  We see them as a benefit as they help keep our plots tidy, recycling many waste items non compostable remnants of the growing seasons.. 

However we are tightly directed as to when we can and can’t have fires.  We also need to consider the houseowners whose gardens back onto the allotments.   It’s important that every alotmenteer knows and understands this before lighting fires. 


Fires lit on the site are meant for plants and wood only, and not for plastics, rubber, recyclable goods or noxious materials.  Peoples safety is paramount, please ensure you have a clear area around the fire. A minimum of at least a 1.5 metres around the edge of the fire, don’t let the flames get too big,  Petrol is not permitted, and the plot must not be left until the fire has completely gone out. It must not be left while still smouldering.

Annual Fire schedule


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